Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project

Foundation North provided the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) with funding in 2017 for a citizen science seashore montoiroing programme in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland using the Marine Metre Squared project as an extension of Seaweek 2017 into place-based action.

The Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project (HGMP) is now entering its fourth year and we would love you to be involved! Email us at marinemetresquared@gmail.com to find out more information. You can also read through the reports prepared by the NZAEE below or have a look at some of the discoveries made by students involved in the HGMP under our 'Community Stories' section

2022 Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project

Teresa Morrell will be leading the 2022 HGMP. Teresa is an educator with the NZ Marine Studies Centre and a PhD student in the Marine Science Department. She grew up West Auckland and has spent a lot of time on and in the waters of the Hauraki Gulf.   Teresa introduces herself here.  She is studying the effect of the chemicals associated with microplastics on the reproduction of small, but important, fishes and will be a great addition to the team.  Find out about Teresa's research.  For more information and contact details see the poster below.

Hauraki Gulf Project Flier 2022
PDF poster about Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project

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Educational Resources

Activities related specifically to the HGMP are included below. Further activities can be found the Mm2 resource page.

Resources for the HGMP

Mm2 Lockdown Activities
Mm2 activity suggestions for lockdown

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Classroom Activities
Hauraki Gulf Project Classroom Activities - Review the data

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Activities for Primary Schools
Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project Classroom Introductory Activities – Primary Schools

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Activities for Secondary Schools
Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project Classroom Introductory Activities – Secondary Schools

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HGMP Reports 2022

Annual reports on the progress of the Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project (HGMP)

HGMP Reports (previous years)

Previous annual reports on the progress of the Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project (HGMP) Te Atatū Intermediate students who participated in 2020 made a short video about their experiences with the HGMP
Read about some stories from the HGMP under our 'Community Stories' tab
Hunting Invasives

After studying invasives in class, students at Wentworth College went to Red Beach on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula where they found an abundance of the Mediterranean fan worm.

Rare finds in the Hauraki Gulf

In April this year, Wentworth college visited Polkinghornes Bay to survey the shore and find out what is living there as part of the Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project.

Discoveries on Tindalls Beach

Get inspired by students from Wentworth College who had found numerous interesting creatures at their local shore this year!

Spengler's Trumpet Snail (Cabestana spengleri)

What is this snail? We had to ask the online community for their help

Oyster Borer Eggs

A Golden Snitch?

Check out what the Colville Harbour Care group found on their shore.

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