Mm2 Impact

2655 have registered for the project

Of the user groups, 53% identified as schools, 27% individuals, 10% families, 7% community groups, 4% tertiary groups. Registrations came from every region ranging from 40 registrations from the West Coast to 669 from Auckland. 69% are from the North Island and 31% are from the South Island.

We have engaged with a wide range of people, community groups, organisations (government and NGO), scientists, educators and more.

Data Quality

A study was carried out to compare the Mm2 survey data collected by students through the Sediment and Seashores Case Study with data collected by marine scientists in the same area. The results highlighted that when the project is facilitated and students are trained, the data is comparable with that collected by scientists:

Recognition of Skill Development

Students involved in the Dunedin Sediment and Seashores study were given CREST awards

Students can also gain a citizen science badge and recognition for completing Mm2 through the Kiwi Guardians Scheme.

Crest Awards
The students involved in MM2 may be able to apply for a CREST award.

Kiwi Guardians
Students can gain a Kiwi Guardian medal in citizen science.

Several Dunedin schools participated in the Sediment and Seashores project.  The data contributed to reserch about the effects of dredging on Otago Harbour.

About Us

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