Marine Pests


Watch the ‘kina’ video and learn about how you can protect the ocean from marine pests

Many marine pests are established in New Zealand and are messing with our native marine plants and animals. 

Biosecurity New Zealand wants all New Zealanders to help keep a watchful eye on marine pests in their local moana.

Your Mm2 survey can help make an important contribution to our understanding of where these marine pests are, and where they are not! Results from your survey can also provide valuable data to investigate the impact these marine pests have on our native species by looking at how they change in number over time.

Marine Pest Guide

Download the marine pest ID guide to help with identification of any animals or plants you find

Species Distribution Maps

Viewing the distribution map to find out where different pest species are currently lurking and how scientists are tackling the problem

Useful Websites

Learning more about these pest on the Marine Biosecurity Porthole or the Marine Life Database websites

Marine Pests Activities

Bring marine pests into the classroom with these fun activities!

Examples of Marine Pests in New Zealand

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